Atlantic Rendezvous
Original picture is oil on canvas measuring approx 28 x 22"        
Original artwork only - no prints produced
Subject: Blohm und Voss Bv138 flying boat prepares to refuel from a Type VIIC U-Boat in Northern coastal waters.

The story behind the painting...

Allied convoys to Northern Russia during WWII were under the constant surveillance of Luftwaffe aircraft including Bv138 flying boats as depicted here. The 'eyes of the U-Boat arm', these aircraft were commonly refuelled at sea by German submarines, usually in remote coastal locations in the North Atlantic and Baltic.  In this painting, a Type VIIC U-Boat gently draws alongside a "Flying Clog" of  one of the  'See Aufklarungsgruppen' in 1943.

Considering the nature of their task, those guys on the conning tower should really put out their cigarettes !


Ltd Edition Print No prints of this painting have been produced


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