Frame Field
Artist: Frank LOURIGAN
Subject: WW2 U-boat
Original painting is oil on canvas measuring approx 101cm x 76cm 

The story behind the painting...


This image of a fictional underwater scene is meant to stimulate the viewer and encourage them to ask “what is this all about!” There is no one answer and there are as many versions as there are viewers and critics. Please enjoy and discuss it with your friends. However if you are stumped, the artist has his own version: The scene is WW2 1942 and the location is ‘lost’. The sub is searching for Liberty ships to sink, however due to a broken compass the submarine captain has wandered off course and finds his steel sea-glider arriving at the strangest & most puzzling ‘mine field’ he has ever encountered. The U boat radar operator is perplexed as his mind is usually fixated on avoiding dreaded sea mines but his screen suggests that the objects are not a threat and resemble something which has all the indications of being ‘gold plated art frames'. The Captain thinks it’s more like a forgotten underwater art gallery with all the hallmarks of a creation which was probably put there by Captain Nemo when he sailed the high seas in the Nautilus. If they ever get their compass repaired and find their way back home they know that this experience is something they will never understand or could tell anyone back at the base as they would think they are mad!


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