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USS Narwhal and USS Dolphin at Pearl Harbor, December 7th 1941...
The story behind the painting...
On Sunday, December 7th 1941, around breakfast - time, Japanese forces attacked the United States' naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and in two waves virtually destroyed the strength of the US Pacific Fleet.  Among the many ships at anchor that day were four American submarines, USS Cachalot, USS Dolphin, USS Narwhal and USS Tautog.
Just a few minutes after America's unexpected and violent entry World War II, this painting depicts the scene at the submarine base with Dolphin (to the left) and Narwhal acquitting themselves to the best of their abilities, and honorably, during the first wave of the attack.
In the background, a pall of smoke rises from the disaster that has befallen "Battleship Row" and the Navy Yard, and Japanese "Kate" torpedo bombers race in from the south to add to the mayhem.
A lone "Kate", its torpedo already spent, circles - perhaps to take photographs.  As it crosses astern of the moored submarines, their hastily prepared anti-aircraft fire scores a hit and it sustains fatal damage.  Credit for the 'kill' is shared by  Narwhal, Tautog and a destroyer (- although in detailed battle reports, the skipper of Dolphin claims the victory...).
Later, during the second wave of the attack, the USS Tautog (not shown in this painting)  is credited with being the first US submarine to single-handedly bring down a Japanese aircraft in WWII.
They acquitted themselves well.

This painting is No.1 of John Meek's "Pacific War" series ...

Curiously, the Japanese failed to attack the submarines, and of course, totally failed to address the aircraft carriers - all of which were at sea at the time.  As Admiral Yamamoto so exquisitely put it "...I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant...! "
It was to be almost exactly sixty years before the United States was to experience, again, such an unexpected attack upon its territory.  With this in mind, the artist, with respect, would like to dedicate this humble piece of work to the people of New York City who experienced such a traumatic shock, and many of whom lost their lives, on September 11th, 2001.


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