Pearl Harbor Bound
Original picture is oil on canvas measuring approx 32" x 26"
Linited Edition Prints on heavy 100% fine art archival paper, 18" x 24" paper size, 16" x 22" image size
Subject: American submarine USS Tang
The story behind the painting...

As told by the artist.....

This painting is based on conversations I had with Captain Murray B. Frazee (retired), of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, who was the executive officer on USS Tang for its first 4 patrols during WW2.  

Tang was subsequently & tragically lost on its 5th patrol, sunk by its own circular running torpedo.  Her captain, Richard O'Kane, who became the US Navy's highest scoring skipper on the Tang, survived its sinking and won the Medal of Honor.

Captain Frazee told me that on his last patrol on the Tang they torpedoed a ship about ...

"1000 yards from the coast of Japan with our last torpedo.  We ran straight to Pearl Harbor as fast as we could go, and either myself or the quartermaster was on the bridge every hour of every day to make sure we navigated the most efficient course."  

Captain Frazee had made 11 war patrols by that time between the Tang and other submarines and was ...

"quite anxious to get home".

Limited edition prints of this painting are now available on heavy 100% fine art archival paper

(Print run of 100 individually signed and numbered)

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