Secret Operation
Artist: Robert Taylor

Subject: British S-Class Submarine HMS Sceptre

High quality Limited Edition (out of 700) prints available

measuring overall 19 5/8" x 17 1/2" (image size 13 3/8" x 10")

The story behind the painting...

A rare opportunity to obtain a much sought- after Robert Taylor Limited Edition print at an affordable price.  Adding to its collectability is the fact that EVERY PRINT (not copied from the original) bears the individual signatures of 4 highly decorated WWII Royal Navy 'S' class submarine Captains (see below).

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Submariners are a special breed of sailor.  Their environment, operating deep beneath the surface of the waves, is both unnatural and dangerous, and demands men of cool courage and exceptional quality.  Prowling the depths like a mammoth shark, sometimes hunting, sometimes hunted, submarine crews live and fight, and sometimes die together, alone in the remote expanses of the world's great oceans.  Regardless of national flag under which they sail, this elite "Silent Service" is both feared and admired by all who sail the seas.

Plying their deadly trade in World War Two, the German U-boats posed such threat to the vital Atlantic convoys, Winston Churchill feared the submarine threat more than anything Hitler had at his disposal.  




Each print is signed and numbered by the artist and a
ll prints are individually hand signed by 4 'S' Class Captains.

Hunting in "wolf packs", roaming the shipping lanes far beyond the reach of protective aircraft, they decimated the Allied merchant vessels during the Battle of the Atlantic.

Manned entirely by volunteers, British and American submarines saw action in every maritime theatre during the great conflict of 1939 - 1945, the crews fighting their solitary, stealthy, secret war with courage and nerves of steel.

Robert Taylor's evocative painting "Secret Operation" captures the menacing beauty of a submarine on the surface: the S-Class type HMS Sceptre slips her moorings in Scapa Flow, Scotland, and glides quietly into the North Sea to begin another top secret underwater operation.  On the comming tower the skipper takes a final look across the water to the distant highlands while the crew savour the fresh salt air knowing soon they will submerge into their eerie, silent, artificial world, beneath the waves.

 A Certificate of Authenticity is issued with each print



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