The French Submarine "Surcouf"
Artist: Michel Guyot
Original painting is gouache on paper measuring approx 16" x 12" (40cm x 30cm) 
Subject: French submarine Surcouf 

The story behind the painting...

Built very secretly and launched at Cherbourg Arsenal on November 18th, 1929, the submarine named “Surcouf” was a new type of submarine cruiser, the biggest at the time (with a 110-m length and 2880 tons surface displacement). The ship included a gun turret with two 203-mm cannons, and a shelter for an hydroplane. The construction was however difficult, and the reliability was controversial, as a result the submarine stayed a unique model.

In 1940, the “Surcouf” joined the “Forces Navales Françaises Libres”, and became their symbol, but tragically disappeared in the Caribbean Sea on February 19th, 1942. According to the official thesis, there was a collision with an American cargo, but an investigation held by the US Navy Court of Inquiry revealed later that the submarine was - by mistake - attacked and sunk by US Air Force bomber aircraft.

A monument in memory of the lost crew was built in the naval port of Cherbourg.



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