Trafalgar Class Submarine
Artist: Sarah BURBRIDGE
Original picture is acrylic on paper measuring approx 23 x 16
High quality Limited Edition (100) print now available measuring approx 12.5" x 10" plus wide border
Subject: HMS Trafalgar

The story behind the painting...

The Royal Navy built 7 Trafalgar Class submarines between 1978 and 1990. 

HMS Trafalgar
HMS Turbulent
HMS Tireless
HMS Torbay
HMS Trenchant
HMS Talent
HMS Triumph           

Although similar in looks to its predecessor, the Swiftsure Class, the Trafalgar Class is both faster and quieter.

These nuclear submarines have 5 tubes capable of firing both spearfish and tigerfish torpedoes and RN submarine harpoon missiles.  Both HMS Trafalgar and HMS Triumph are also capable of launching Tomahawk missiles (the others should be given this facility by 2006).

Originally intended for Cold War operations these hunter killers are designed to attack enemy ships and submarines.  Indeed those with Tomahawk facilities are also capable of mounting a land attack. However, armed also with cameras and thermal imaging periscopes, they are equally capable of surveillance activities. 

Despite some serious technical problems in recent years, all 7 Trafalgar Class submarines are still in commission today (2002).


100 prints titled "Trafalgar Class" have been made of the above painting



85.4 metres


9.8 metres


9.5 metres


4750 tons surfaced
5200 tons submerged


20 knots surfaced
30+ knots submerged


130 (18 Officers)




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