Artist: Jim Christley
Original picture is oil on canvas measuring approx 18” x 14” 
Subject: American Sturgeon Class trailing a Soviet Victor Class

The story behind the painting...

During the Cold War the US Naval Submarine Force was tasked with keeping tabs on Soviet Naval movements in particular, the Soviet Submarine Force.  Submarines of the Sturgeon (SSN-637) Class were well suited to this task and often trailed Soviet submarines for days reporting on their movements and recording noise signatures.  In this image, such a trailing has turned into a close aboard encounter as a Soviet Viktor III has turned to port to check his baffles (to listen to see if anyone is immediately astern).  A trailing Sturgeon has stopped his screw and gone quiet.  Extending far behind the US submarine is its towed array sonar which assists in giving a clear picture of the ocean’s acoustics.

Original Painting
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