Artist: Chris LEE
Original picture is watercolour & ink measuring approx 14" x 11"
Subject: German WWII Type VIIC U-boat shooting at a Mosquito

The story behind the painting...

On March 24th 1945, whilst on patrol, German U-boat U249, came under attack from a Mosquito flown by Flt Lt Williams (235/Q). During sustained and accurate flack from the U-boat, the Mosquito suffered damage, forcing the pilot to bail out, and be later captured by U249.

The U-boat later became the first one to Surrender at cessation of hostilities, with the order to put into the nearest port, flying a black flag. She docked at Weymouth, U.K. U249 was later sank on the 13 Dec 1945 as part of Operation "Deadlight".

The original painting is signed by John Nikas, a crew member of U249, who was present at the time of the depicted action.


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Original SOLD

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