USS Holland 1903

Artist: Jim Christley
Original picture is a watercolor measuring approx 9” x 12” 
(sold matted ready for a standard 12" x 16" frame)
Subject: USS Holland

The story behind the painting...


The USS Holland was commissioned in October of 1900 thus becoming the first of the unbroken line of commissioned submarines in the United States Navy.  

Shown here on the surface in Peconic Bay, she was the first submarine to use the system of an air breathing engine and generator for surfaced propulsion and a battery, electric motor combination for submerged propulsion.  This system is in use today in all but nuclear powered submarines.  

The first Commanding Officer of Holland was Lt. Harry Caldwell who was Admiral Dewey’s flag lieutenant during the Battle of Manila Bay. 


Original Painting
Not available
Prints None produced

Sold matted but unframed.  Shipped with protective cover and backing.  Shipped by commercial agent.

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