Evening Sailing
Subject: Vanguard Class Trident Strategic Missile Submarine
Limited Edition (600) prints now available 
measuring 21" x 17
3/4" (image size 18" x 14")

The story behind the painting...

This is one of 4 Vanguard Class submarines.

HMS Vanguard, Victorious, Vigilant and Vengeance were all built in Barrow-in-Furness by Vickers.

SubArt was pleased to be contacted in March 2007 by Commander Tom Hernam who was delighted to "rediscover" this painting here on this site "...during a long night watch in the MOD."!

He has kindly allowed me to publish his email on this page: 

In the words of Tom Herman:

"It was I (as Commander SM1) who commissioned Evening Sailing by Frank Grenier as a leaving present for Captain J W R Harris when was superseded as Captain SM of the First Submarine Squadron in Faslane. 

"I think it was 1996 but it may have been 1995. He has the original but Admiral Frank produced the limited edition prints for us to buy.

"I am delighted it is still selling. Admiral Grenier was, before becoming a very successful artist and glass engraver, Flag Officer Submarines and I think it is unique that such a picture was painted by such an eminent submariner."

Each print is individually hand signed and numbered by the artist.


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