(or "A Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good...!")
Artist: John Meeks
Original painting is oil on canvas measuring approx 28" x 22"
Subject: A U-Boat crewman tries sake for the first time. Penang, 1944.

The story behind the painting...

I do so hope that that skinny little Japanese guy doesn't take a step backwards, and give a whole new meaning to the exhortation "Down the hatch"..!

A major Japanese submarine base during WWII, Penang - in what is now Malaysia - was one of those few places in the world that saw German, Italian and Japanese boats moored together on a fairly regular basis.

To say that the three nationalities 'got on' really well could be regarded as something approaching an overstatement; there was always, it seems, a degree of suspicion from all sides - but then, weren't the Americans and British ... not to mention the French ... also somewhat hamstrung in this regard... ?

In this little imaginary scene, however, everything seems to be going swimmingly, as a crew member from a recently arrived Type IX U-Boat is invited aboard a Japanese "B"- type boat to sample the Japanese tipple of choice. In the background, a "C3" class I-Boat sits, dwarfing its German ally.

And all the time ... the rain of the monsoon keeps pouring down!

(One does have to wonder if he compared it well against...say .a good Gewurztraminer?.... I don't know why he shouldn't ...Sake is fine by me !)


Kampai ! Prost !



Further information on the U-boats in the Far East I strongly recommend Lawrence Paterson's book: "Hitler's Grey Wolves - U-boats in the Indian Ocean" 


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