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April 2017 "Man Overboard - This is NOT a drill" - searching for a submariner tragically lost at sea
April 2017 "The Pearl Harbor Avenger" - USS Bowfin during Operation Barney
January 2017 Just look at all that power! Prinz Eugen, Gneisenau, FW 190 Squadron and a Type VIIC U-boat! "Escorte Rapprochée"
January 2017 A Sturgeon Class trailing a Soviet Delta IV
January 2017 "Passing Shadows" - The Americans and Russians cross paths.....
January 2017   HAPPY NEW YEAR!
December 2016 U-203 Die Heimkehr - just look at those colours!
December 2016 "Über 9000..." - one of the worst tragedies ever: Wilhelm Gustloff sunk by Soviet submarine S-13
September 2016 USS Tang SS-563 - a beautiful pen & ink drawing
September 2016 Another painting influenced by film: this time the actor Jürgen Prochnow, the U-boat commander in Wolgang Petersen's film Das Boot.
August 2016

Although not an "official" submarine drawing, it shows Clark Gable, star of the movie, Run Silent, Run Deep which was based on Ned Beach's book of the same title.

The artist is Dan Moss who is currently helping to organise a submarine memorial in Phoenix, Arizona. More information can be viewed at arizonasilentservicememorial.org where donations or purchase memorial pavers can be made.

July 2016 It doesn't get much more peaceful than this: "Pacific Morning - Surfaced"
June 2016 The artist has put on canvas his first hand experience of rounding the Horn in USS Scamp (SSN 588): "Round the Horn"
June 2016 A Diesel Electric submarine charging batteries and patiently waiting for action: "Lurking"
June 2016

A Gato Class submarine Heading for a Rain Squall

June 2016 USS George Washington SSBN 598
May 2016

USS George Washington Submarine - commissioned by Norway's VI MENN magazine:

April 2016

Workhorse of the German Navy during WWII - a Type VII U-boat "Target to port!"

March 2016 British U-Class submarine in "Evening Lights in Scapa Flow (part 2)"
March 2016 "Top Dog" - Los Angeles Class submarine
February 2016 3 in 1:
T-Class submarine, Renown-class battlecruiser
and Short Sunderland seaplane - Gibraltar 1940
January 2016 Evening Lights in Scapa Flow
December 2015 Beautiful pen work in this Guppy-class artwork
December 2015 Michel Guyot's “Operation Musketoon” is on the cover of “VI MENN” - the main weekly magazine for men in Norway!
October 2015 One of the most famous US boats of WWII - USS Tang
October 2015 American Skate-class submarine - USS Sargo
October 2015 Sturgeon-class sub USS Pintado
October 2015 SubArt is delighted to welcome a new artist onboard, Danny R Moss. Here is a superb pen & ink of an American Gato-class submarine USS Tunny SSG 282
October 2015 British submarine HMS L-25 - just look at all those pen dots!
July 2015 A German WW2 Type IX/A U-boat in the company of the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper in a frozen Baltic harbour - Les Glaces de la Baltique
June 2015 Aurore Boréale (Northern Lights) - A Type VII U-boat with the Tirpitz in the background witnessing the Northern Lights in a Norwegian fjord

SubArt joins Facebook - please support us by "liking" our Facebook page



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